Guy Catches His Girlfriend Getting Intimate With Yoga Instructor

To Catch A Cheater

A jealous boyfriend fell victim of his own ploy to test his girlfriend’s fidelity in this awkward episode of To Catch A Cheater.

The pumped-up, tight-topped man watched as the To Catch A Cheater crew sent a male yoga instructor to her gym to tempt her into straying.

After the gym buddies shared an intimate stretching session, the hopeful cheater-catcher lost his head in a screaming fit, even though he himself was unsure whether he classed his unidentified girlfriend’s actions as unfaithful.

To Catch A Cheater

The YouTube channel presenter, Luis Mercado, was quick to point out the jealous guy’s hypocrisy, saying:

Technically she passed the test. But it kinda seems like its bothering you. You kinda wanted this to happen, right?

You were planning to break up with her and then you want her to stay single for a year after you break up with her while you go date other women?

Failing to see the fault of this genius plan, the boyfriend exclaims, ‘Is that selfish?’

In short: Yes. Yes, it is selfish and illustrative of this particular young man’s possessive tendencies and superiority complex.

Mercado puts it well when he says, ‘You’re in quite the pickle’, proving once and for all that an appearance on To Catch A Cheater is the final nail in the cold, dank coffin of your relationship.