Guy Catches ‘Poltergeist’ Destroying His Kitchen On Camera


A guy who claims his house is haunted by a poltergeist has uploaded a video online which shows the spirit messing up his kitchen.

The man who uploaded the video, Brad Prior, said: “I’ve been experiencing poltergeist activity in my house for over a month now. Whenever I go out I leave a camera rolling but haven’t caught anything till this happened.”

In the short clip, which is creepy AF, the ‘evil spirit’ can be seen sending ornaments flying through the air.

giphy (4)

Next, a saucepan is chucked on the floor and it just escalates so so quickly from there on in.

A chair is thrown to the floor, knives are knocked over and moments later drawers and cupboards begin to open on their own.

The whole scene looks like something right out of a horror film:


Okay so it’s not quite as terrifying as Paranormal Activity, but still pretty chilling:

giphy (3)

The sceptic in me says it’s complete BS and some trickery is in play, but it looks pretty convincing nonetheless.