Guy Catfished Another Man For Two Years By Putting On A Woman’s Voice


In what could well be the most astounding Catfish yet, one guy tricked another for two whole years – by faking a woman’s voice.

You’d think that Danny would have heard the deep masculine tone of the ‘woman’ called Rosa he was falling in love with over the phone.

Rosa was never able to meet up with Danny, and it was this – along with the fact that she suspiciously had three Facebook accounts – that pushed him to get in contact with Catfish catchers Nev and Max.

Unbelievably, Rosa was in fact a man called Jose and had been putting on a woman’s voice for two years!

Until I heard the voice for myself, I didn’t understand how Danny fell for it.

But it actually turns out that Jose can do an incredibly fucking convincing woman’s voice and the Internet has of course noticed his talents.

When they were all in a room together and Jose did the voice, even Danny laughed with shock at how good it was.

There are calls for him to go into voice acting!

Danny is one of the most understanding and forgiving people I’ve ever seen on Catfish as he finished the program in the most moving way.

He said a prayer in Spanish for Jose, asking God to lead him down the right path and guide him.

That episode is a complete emotional roller-coaster.

Part of me feels really amazed by the voice, but also horrified that he lied like that for two years.