Guy Caught In Middle Of Facebook Cheating Shitstorm Speaks Out

Pippa_McKinney_kis_3465003bMatty, left, Pippa, right

Yesterday, a Facebook post was shared thousands of times across social media and made headline news.

The story, as I’m sure you’re already aware, revolved around one girl’s quest to find a guy she kissed in a Manchester club the night before – but the seemingly innocent post took a turn for the worse when Matty from Wythenshawe’s girlfriend saw it and outed him as a cheater. The perfect story? Some would say yes.

Things quickly spiralled out of control from there, and since then, almost every news outlet in the UK has run the story, and unsurprisingly, the lad has been victimised left right and centre.

WEBTHUMBNEWPippa McKinney / Mercury

Since it broke, Matty and his now (we’re assuming) ex-girlfriend have been the silent ones – with Pippa, the girl who made the original post – being the only one to go public with her story.

However, Matty Steven has now broken his silence in the form of a Facebook status which is quickly gaining traction online:

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 13.11.53

In the status, he explains how the story has been blown out of proportion, and claims that the girl in question is a ‘liar and a very strange girl’, after stating that it’s time for people to hear his side.

UNILAD has approached Matty to give him the opportunity to do exactly that.