Guy Chucks Tinder Date Out Of Car After She Drops Massive Bombshell


Going on a date only to find that the person who you thought was with you for your company, is actually only there for your money, would suck. So spare a thought for this guy.

Prankster and social experimenter Ryan takes Tinder dates out, films them getting ‘high’ on vape oil they think is weed, and humiliates them on YouTube for his channel HammyTV.

For one of his latest, the ‘date’ started out no different than all the rest. An unsuspecting woman climbs into his car, they talk, and he hands her a vape. Thinking she’s smoking weed, she gets ‘high’ – the whole point of the video.

And then the bombshell drops.


As they drive around, his date discovers a few kinky toys in his car – carefully placed especially for the prank.

They begin to joke about using the handcuffs with the girl telling Ryan:

We can make some use of it – you did read my profile right? That’s why you went to the ATM right?

Obviously at this point, Ryan clocks in that she’s no average Tinder date, saying: “People pay you?”


Yup, she an escort. At $300 an hour.

When they finally turn up at a hotel to do the deed, Ryan waits until the woman gets out of the car before chucking her bag out the window behind her, saying: “I’m not paying for shit!”

He tells viewers: “That was a first on this, I just ditched that girl.”


The video has been watched more than 129,000 times on Ryan’s Youtube channel.

He did, however, only have her in the car with him so that he could prank her. So did he deserve it? It wouldn’t be right to say yes, but I’m not saying no.