Guy Climbs Tallest Roller Coaster In England In Terrifying Video

Ally Law

Not all climbers wear capes. In fact, none of them wear capes, cause they’re useless. At best, they’ll pack a harness. And that’s on a good day.

Daredevil urban explorer/climber Ally Law ascends cityscapes using only his hands and legs.

In a new video, Ally can be seen making his way to the top of England’s tallest roller coaster, the Big One at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach.

Watch as him and a group of friends make their way to the top without the slightest reserve:

I had a chat with Ally to find out what makes him tick.

UNILAD: I’d say I loved the video, but I’m bad with heights and it gave me sweaty palms. Have you ever been afraid yourself?

Ally: “The good old sweaty palms! I used to actually be terrified of heights. It was a very long process but I’m now very comfortable with them.?

UNILAD: How did you get over that?

Ally:“Me and my friends all do parkour. So after a few years training on ground level we began to jump across small rooftops and then eventually worked up to higher rooftops. It was a big mental barrier but once you’re alright at 50ft, 500ft is pretty much the same.”

UNILAD:Was the Big One always on your list?

Ally:“I actually didn’t know the Big One existed until a week ago. I always assumed Stealth was the tallest roller coaster in England.”

UNILAD: Have you climbed Stealth?

Ally:“I actually did it yesterday morning. It’s been on my list for so long now. My friend and I tried it last October.

The first time it started raining literally just as we went to climb it and then as we were leaving through the woods we fell waist deep into a swamp.

The second we got arrested we had to cross a university behind Thorpe Park and they thought we were robbing the place.”

UNILAD: Have you had any close calls? Any moments where you think ‘I’m going to fall off this thing and not live to tell the tale’?

Ally: “I’ve had a few sketchy climbs. Like, it started raining et cetera, but nothing serious where I’ve thought I was going to fall.”

Holy shit, that ‘rooftopping’ in Hong Kong video is giving me heart palpitations. Did you get caught over there?

Ally:: “Not in Hong Kong. I had been travelling for 6 months and got caught earlier on in the trip climbing the tallest building in Bangkok.”

Must be scarier when it’s in a different country.

Ally:: “Oh definitely. Laws differ everywhere but most of the time if you explain what you’re doing and explain that you’ve not broken anything to get in, they’re usually OK.”

Finally, if there was one person, dead or alive, who you could go climbing with who would it be?

Ally:: “A dude called Rory Kramer. He’s a ‘professional life liver’ and makes the baddest ass videos going.

He was a big inspiration for me to change my life around and inspired me to go out and get the most from life. He’s the man!”

Nice one, Ally.