Guy Comes Up With Brutal Way To Deal With Massive Hornet’s Nest


Judging by the way this guy decided to deal with some hornets that had taken up residence on his property, you wouldn’t want to mess with him.

This crazy footage shows a man using an actual, real-life flamethrower to incinerate the shit out of a hornet’s nest in a tree in his front garden, reports the Mirror.

The video – posted to Liveleak by the appropriately named ‘torchfireperformer’ – was apparently shot by the man’s sister and begins with the guy explaining that the hornets recently attacked his family while he points out the large insect’s nest.


The man can be heard to say: 

Nobody messes with my family, I’m going to take care of the situation. We don’t need exterminators, everything’s under control.

He then fires up his flamethrower, takes aim at the nest, and proceeds to burn it to a crisp – taking out a few leaves and branches in the process.


A group of onlookers can be seen watching him attacking the nest and after a quick dousing with the hose pipe it’s job done.

Everyone can rest safe in their beds knowing they are safe from hornets – but maybe not men with flamethrowers.