Guy Crashes Spectre Premiere In ‘A Style James Bond Would Be Proud Of’



A young guy rubbed shoulders with A-list celebrities in London last night after crashing the world premiere of new James Bond film Spectre – and did it in “a style Bond would be proud of.”

James Ware uploaded footage onto his YouTube channel – which only currently has 693 subscribers – of him gaining access to the illustrious event at the Royal Albert Hall.

On camera, James blags his way through security with a ticket he had screenshotted from Instagram before having it printed out in high quality. The moment the ticket is scanned at the door and he is granted entry is also caught on film.

James, fully dappered out in a suit and bow tie, is then filmed as he mingles with the likes of Sam Smith, Naomie Harris, and Chris Evans before capturing a glimpse of Prince William and Kate Middleton in the royal box.

But that didn’t seem to be enough for this suave young man, who then casually and successfully made his way into the after party.


Opinions have been split online, however, with some people claiming the incident to be fake. One comment suggested they “wouldn’t be surprised if he has some connection to get him a genuine ticket and the whole sneaking in bit is fake,” while others believe it to be genuine.

What do you think?