Guy Decides To Stop Car In Traffic And Have Massive Argument With Bus Driver


The moment some guy thinks it’s a great idea to stop his car in the middle of traffic.

This Corsa driver brought one of Manchester’s busiest roads to a halt yesterday, when he decided to stop in front of a bus.

In the video the man’s seen getting in an argument with the bus driver on Curry Mile, and after an angry exchange where the passengers essentially tell him to piss off, he sits in his car for three minutes in a sulk.

A witness told the Daily Mail:

The Corsa guy had an argument with the bus driver and just stopped behind the traffic lights for about five minutes.

He came out of his car, approached the bus driver, went inside the bus and gave him some verbal abuse. Then he decided to wait there for quite a long time.

I think it started when the Corsa was overtaking the bus and the bus driver didn’t like it. The Corsa driver started having a go but the bus driver was really relaxed and calm. He just stayed inside the bus.

The witness went on to say the Corsa driver caused a jam, with 20 cars piled up behind the bus waiting. He added:

There were quite a lot of people on the bus at the time. One of the passengers said they had a hospital appointment and he was wasting their time.

It was pretty chaotic. There were quite a lot of people standing around watching.