Guy Demands Woman Repays Him For Drink After She Rejects Second Date


Dating is a fucking nightmare to navigate.

Sometimes, you meet someone, and for whatever reason, things just don’t click.

It might because they’re a catfish, they live with their mother at 30, or they still think they’re a fresher at Uni, when in fact, they should have a mortgage.


Either way, sometimes it just doesn’t work out, and most people move on, get back in the proverbial sea and search for another, more suitable fish.

Sadly for one woman, the man she met up for a drink with was not one of those guys, and after she politely declined the offer of a second date, he actually had the audacity to ask for the initial price of said drink (£4.50 if you were wondering) back.

Here are their initial messages, with the guy trying his best at a Casanova impression…




That seemed to be one rejection too many for him, and the crazy came out in full…



He even went as far as check up on if she had made the transfer. Seriously.

drink 5

Obviously the messages found their way onto Twitter, courtesy of Luke MacKay, owner of The Hour Glass bar in London.

They were retweeted thousands of times, with stunned tweeps wondering just what on earth the guy was thinking – and realising just why the woman refused a second date.

MacKay said:

My friend went on a date with quite literally the worst person in the word. HOW NICE IS SHE THOUGH.