Guy Downs Two Litres Of Jack Daniels, Regrets It Instantly


There’s a lot of fun things to do in life. There’s a lot of fun things to do in life that we live to regret the day after.

But one thing that is never fun – not before, during, or after – is downing a two litre bottle of Jack Daniels before doing a shot of fireball. And anybody that does think that’s a good idea only needs to watch this video.

This is YouTube star (lunatic), Ernest Acosta, and he found out the hard way that necking two litres of 40 per cent proof alcohol isn’t all that fun – a test most of us are sensible enough to avoid.

But just how did he learn this vital lesson in stupidity? Well he simply began to projectile vomit in the seconds following his final gulp of the devils water.


Before all that, Ernest prepares for the big feat ahead like a sprinter preparing for the 100m. He takes deep breaths, composes himself, and then for some bizarre balances the half gallon bottle on his girlfriends breasts and proceeds to gulp away like a thirsty gazelle.

With his mouth full of whisky, his girlfriend encourages him – ‘come on, come on, come on baby’, she whispers. That’s love in the 21st century.


Eventually Ernest finishes the JD before stumbling across the room for a good minute and then making a very rational decision – drinking a miniature bottle of Fireball. Great logic.

The climax of the catastrophic video comes shortly afterwards as Acosta spends a good few minutes projectile vomiting into the toilet.


So if watching someone destroy their liver in a matter of minutes seems like your sort of thing then give it a watch…