Guy Dresses As Nerd And Asks Girls If They’ll Be His ‘Study Buddy’

nerdYoutube - BigDawsTv

I know what you’re thinking – you’re about to watch a compilation of a guy getting destroyed by rejection and judgement.

But I’m still in utter disbelief after watching it. This guy’s success rate in obtaining people’s phone numbers is unprecedented.

It seems that the unassuming nerd persona is the secret…go and buy a dinosaur t-shirt now.

Obviously there are a couple of rejections, you’ve got to be realistic, but BigDawsTv appealed to both men and women when he asked them if they wanted to be his study buddy.

Women handed him their phone numbers with no questions asked…guys and girls just really wanted to study with the charismatic dork.

nerd2Youtube - BigDawsTv

Regardless of the pity in their voices, this guy did pretty well.

Power to nerds!