Underage Guy Dresses Up As His Mum To Get Served Alcohol


The lengths teens will go to for booze have reached new levels of innovation. 

Although we can’t condone underage drinking, we can praise resourcefulness, creativity and ingenuity; three traits demonstrated by this young teen on a valiant quest for alcohol.

Meet the British answer to McLovin. The boy dressed up as his mum and used her South Ayrshire Council ID to buy alcohol in his local off-license.

While some spoil sports on Twitter have mistaken his perfectly normal teenage behaviour for alcoholism, many other kids have been kicking themselves for not thinking of this sooner.

Of course, teen drinking is very bad.


We’ve all made up some elaborate back stories, brown-nosed shop keepers, and taken turns using a 27-year-old’s ID that we found at a bus stop – but shopping for booze in drag is new levels of commitment.

Shame he wasted all his efforts on Orange Jubilee MD 20/20 grape wine and not a classy bottle of Goldschlager.