Guy Exploring Abandoned Nuke Base Makes Chilling Discovery

Cloth Map/YouTube

Whilst looking around a former nuclear missile base an explorer has made a chilling discovery.

Gamer and online star, Drew Scanlon, was shown a decommissioned nuclear base in Ukraine that included living quarters that soldiers can use during warfare and something much more disturbing.

Scanlon visited the base, which was originally built in preparation for all-out nuclear war, as part of an online YouTube travel series called Cloth Map.

Cloth Map/YouTube

One thing he did not expect to be shown was a button that could obliterate earth which he, of course, just had to push.

Tour guide Dmytro takes Scanlon through a hatch into a room filled with controls and buttons saying:

This is the main room, the room to destroy the world! Press the button and see what happens. This is the real war-time regime.

It takes 22 minutes to nuke Washington DC. Goodbye America

Scanlon pushes the button and then turns to the camera to apologise to the world.

Let’s hope that these buttons aren’t still working elsewhere…