Guy Fakes Own Death To Catch Ex Who Hired Hitman To Kill Him


Sealing the deal

In one of the more fucked up stories of the week, a man went to extreme lengths to catch his ex-girlfriend– who allegedly paid somebody to kill him.

Brad Sutherland, 31, faked his own death to avoid being the target of his ex’s deadly plan, and obviously wasn’t entirely pleased about the whole grim situation.

Laura Buckingham, 29, allegedly handed over $3,000 (£2,080) to a hitman to get Sutherland ‘out of the picture’.

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Speaking to the Daily Beast, Brad said: 

It was supposed to happen Wednesday night; that’s when the assassin was supposed to come kill me. He was supposed to either do it when I left for work or on my way home.

It’s believed Brad was supposed to be killed on February 24th and only a few days later the hitman took photos to Laura’s home to ‘prove’ that he’d carried out the killing.


After she approved the dodgy evidence, she paid the rest of his fee.

Unfortunately for her, she didn’t cotton on to the fact that the hitman was actually an undercover agent from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and they had helped Brad to fake his own death.

Brad added:

The fact that she would let a hired killer into the house while my son is there hurts me more than taking an attempt on my life.

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Laura was then arrested on February and later charged with criminal intent to commit first-degree murder.

Authorities found out about the hit after Laura’s boyfriend, Joseph Chamblin, reported she’d asked him to carry out the hit.

Sutherland is now launching a legal battle to win full custody of his son.