Guy Risks His Life Filming Huge Mudslide In Switzerland

Huge mudslide in Switzerland.ViralHog

Hair-raising footage has emerged of a huge mudslide crashing down the side of a mountain in Switzerland.

The fast-moving torrent of mud misses onlookers by a whiskers breadth, sweeping aside trees in its path. The incident happened in the Swiss village of Grugnay, in the municipality of Chamoson, on Tuesday August 7.

The violent mudslide was trigged after storms led to a river expanding and ultimately bursting its banks. Locals heard the noise approximately three to four minutes before the mudslide appeared and came out to have a gander.

Those in the area are reportedly well used to mudslides and apparently often come out to take a look. However, they were still left shaken by the particular intensity of this one.

The shocking footage shows the dark stream of filth cascading down the mountain; dense and clotted with debris and rocks.

The locals could be seen encouraging each other to step back from the waterway as the mudslide gushed towards them; spewing debris to either side as it went.

As the thick mass spilled high all over the surrounding asphalt in a gruesome fountain, the fear of those looking on was evident. However, one woman remained fairly close; even when the full ferocity of the mudslide became evident.

The onlookers move further away as the mud piles up and up in hideous layers; knocking over a road sign as though it had been made with toothpicks. The woman can be seen running a few paces to avoid being buried alive.

In other similar footage, the foul torrential wash could be seen coursing through waterways and roadways alike, spraying over crash barriers with terrifying ease.

Large trees could be seen swept up in the ceaseless tide of muck and dirt which proved too enormous to fit beneath a large bridge. Screams could be heard as the mud was tossed all over the place.

Some amazed people on social media compared the heavy, unstoppable flow to ‘lava,’ while others fretted over the alarming proximity to nearby homes.

Others were impressed by the woman in the video who stayed perilously close to the mudslide – hands firmly on hips – describing her as a ‘badass’ with ‘no fear.’

One admiring person remarked:

That lady is standing there, daring the mudslide to change its path.

Another person gasped:

HOW is that woman just standing there watching?? Does she not realize what she’s seeing? Odd.

It has certainly been a dramatic summer weather-wise, with terrible wildfires in Greece and California, and droughts in Australia.

Meanwhile in the UK, we have experienced the driest summer since records began; with blistering heatwaves across many regions.

According to Radio Television Suisse (RTS), two roads were closed as a result of this mudslide, and there has been some damage to cars and houses.

The clean-up process is still underway and, thankfully, nobody has been reported to be injured.

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