Guy Finds Absolute NOPE-Fest Hidden Underneath His Ingrown Toenail

Live Leak

If you’re just about to tuck into your Sunday dinner, we advise you to look away now.

An absolute NOPE-Fest of a video is currently going viral, showing a man in Brazil getting his ingrown toenail surgically removed.

That alone sounds bad enough, but just wait until you see what’s lurking underneath this poor guy’s nail.

Check it out, if you dare:

Yeah, just two maggots chilling out in there, wriggling around having a great old time.

The video, titled ‘Going to the manicure to treat an ingrown toenail’, was shared on Live Leak and traumatised a good 75,000 people thus far.

And now you can all be part of that elite, horrified group. Lucky you!