Guy Finds Bag In His House, What’s Inside Is So F*cked Up


Living alone can be scary. More often than not, you can’t watch a horror film, hear a noise in the night, or walk into a dark room without freaking the hell out.

And if this Imgur user’s story is anything to go by, there’s good reason to be paranoid.

User Ashontez said he started noticing weird things happening around his apartment when he would get home from a night shift, or after waking up on my days off.

“Just little things at first, lights being on, that I swear I turned off, doors being left open or closed,” he said in his Imgur post.

He lives on the second floor, alone, has a balcony and and two deadbolts on his door – one that needs to be unlocked from the outside, and one from the inside. Sounds pretty secure, or so you’d think.


Ashontez said in his post:

Around 3:00am I was catching up on The 100 when someone unlocked my fucking door! I don’t mean, picked the lock, I mean used a key…I ran and grabbed my gun looked out the peephole, but saw nothing. I opened the door, with the intent to shoot someone, but the person was already gone.

After calling the police to investigate, they found nothing. Ashontez added that because there were no cameras, there was not enough evidence and the officers left, unable to do anything.

Claiming he couldn’t sleep that night, Ashontez said he stayed home on his days off to try and catch whoever tried to enter his home. Being Christmas time, he decided to set up his Christmas tree which he kept in a closet across from his apartment.

Ashontez said:

As i’m pulling out the tree this evening…I notice a bag, back behind it. A small, black duffel-bag, in it, I found a change of clothes, sunglasses, shoes, toiletries and a notebook. What was in the notebook horrified me.


He added:

There were notes about me. What hours/days I worked, notes about my cats, and updated notes that they were no longer there and the date, my fucking credit card number! As I went further and further back in the notes, I found two words, circled multiple times “Balcony Door.” Which I assume is how the person entered my apartment for the first time. This creep had been living in my apartment while I’ve been at work for the past month and I didn’t even know it! The worst part is, that I was in my apartment at the same time as this guy, at some point, and didn’t even know it.

There were notes about when I would leave on my days off, what I brought back, from where (probably based on shopping bags) How long I was gone… this guy stalked me for at least two months…


Yup, fucking terrifying.

Ashontez has since replied saying that, since finding the bag and notebook last night, he has bought a camera that is set up for motion detection, changed the locks on his door, and will be moving out in January.

Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.