Guy Finds Something Disgusting In Jam Jar And No One’s Buying The Company’s Excuse

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While preparing to jam his toast Monday morning, a man has claimed to have found the single worst object you could find in any food item: A limp, soggy condom.


Troy Hawkins found the unwanted item in a pot of jelly bought from British supermarket Co-Op – but the story isn’t just about the ‘condom’.

It’s also about the company’s reasoning for how it got there, and people aren’t buying it.

Complaining to the supermarket’s official Facebook page, Troy posted a picture of the jar along with a message, writing: “What I find in a jar of your red currant jelly and you think a 20 pound vouchers is going to keep me quiet.”

What I find in a jar of your red currant jelly and you think a twenty pound vouchers is going to keep me quiet

Posted by Troy Hawkins on Monday, February 6, 2017


Pretty fucked up right?

But it’s not the ‘condom’ that has people talking, it’s the company’s explanation for it.

Being on the receiving end of a criticism shit storm, Co-Op responded to Troy’s less-than-pleasing-looking jar of jam.

The company wrote:

Just to assure you again we have treated this very seriously indeed and after full analysis, we can assure you this was not a condom On inspection of the jam supplied, the substance was found to be a solidified white foam. Foam is often created when boiling up fruit in a high sugar solution (such as jams and jellies). This foaming is usually controlled by an anti foaming agent which is added to the product during manufacture. On this occasion it appears that the anti foaming agent did not adequately control the foam. As the jar passed along the production line the movement of the jar rolled and folded the foam layer in a way that resembled a condom.

So it is, in fact, ‘a solidified white foam’ and not a condom – at least, according to Co-Op’s PR team.

An acceptable explanation, but people weren’t buying it:


Solidified white foam or not, it definitely didn’t look appetising.

If you’re an expert in anti foaming agents or condoms and can verify the object, let us know in the comments.

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