Guy Finds ‘Proof’ Online Gambling Games Are Fixed

by : Francesca Donovan on : 18 Feb 2017 00:00

Gambling is a multi-billion dollar global high-risk game, so its no wonder professionals watch their dealers like hawks.


One YouTuber and Blackjack Professional, Michael Morgenstern, thinks he’s just exposed one of the most popular online gambling sites as a biased money-making scam.

Morgenstern offers us all some amped-up real talk, alleging BetOnline are conning players out of money by cheating at blackjack.


The loud-mouthed gambling vlogger points out the moment when a BetOnline dealer – identified only as Bryan – takes the second card from the top of the deck during play.


This sleight of hand throws out a winning draw for the dealer – and BetOnline, but leaves the independent player sitting at home, probably in his boxers, damning his bad luck.

You can watch the exact moment Bryan tricks his opponents in Michael Morgenstern’s video account of the con.


Online theorists like Michael speculate that some online casinos use a sophisticated method to alert dealers of the next card in the deck.

Some claim there is a bar code printed on the edges of all the cards in the deck. When stacked and ready to deal, an infrared camera can therefore give the dealer a real time preview of what is to come.

While the tricks of the trade and sleight of hand might sometimes fly in casinos, the joys of the internet mean players can analyse a dealer’s every move.

Until BetOnline respond to the allegations with a reasonable explanation for this footage, people are going to proceed with caution where online gambling sites are concerned.

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