Guy Follows Girl Out Of Gym And Films Her Bum In Creepy Video


It’s people like this guy who make it hard for women to just go to the gym without any harassment.

This guy just took creepy to a whole new level when he followed a lady out of the gym to her car, continuing to film her as she hides her face and drives off.

While filming her, the man asks, ‘Are you secretly a black woman?’ and continues to ogle at her bum.


In the video, the man says:

OK m’am excuse me, inquiring minds want to know, are you secretly a black woman?

What is your name, what is your body, what is going on?

In response, the blonde-haired woman can be heard saying, ‘You can’t follow me like this’.

As she drives off covering her face, the man shouts ‘we don’t really care about your face’.

Viewers of the video were outraged at how he harassed her, with one comment saying, ‘No woman should have the need to put up with such cat calling’.

I hope he heeded the advice of viewers and never treats a woman with such disrespect again.