Guy Gets ‘Skepta’ Tatted On His Pelvis, Gets Dumped



Getting the name of a musician tatted on your pelvis is probably never the best idea in the world, but getting the name of a rapper inked on your pelvis during a holiday in Magaluf is a completely different story.

Well, that’s exactly what Liam Scott did, and after the exchange he had with his girlfriend upon revealing the news, he probably has plenty of ‘ragrets’ now.

The fella uploaded a photo of his new ink along with a video, just to make sure everyone knew how much of a legend he was, however it seemed to backfire on him after instantly being dumped by his missus during a priceless text exchange.



His original tweet to Skepta following the drunken escapade has also racked up over 2,000 retweets, and simply said “What you saying @Skepta”.

And after seeing it, I would very much like to know exactly what he was saying…