Guy Gets Absolutely Pulverised By A Bull He Is Taunting


Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.33.13

It’s always a glorious moment when a bull gets its well earned retribution, and that is exactly what happens here.

Somewhere in the middle of spain, this absolute weapon of mass destruction stands toe-to-toe with a fire-horned bull. Spurred on by the crowd, the moron continues to prove how much of a Spanish Mel Gibson he is by taunting the animal and throwing sand in its face.

But enough is enough. This magnificent beast picks its moment, and picks it well. With the sort of acceleration you only see during a Real Madrid counter-attack, the bull acquires its target and launches him 6-feet in the air, leaving him to crash head-first into the hard wooden steps he tried to escape up.

It’s a glorious scene. And retribution is served.

Well, for a moment at least. Because I’m assuming the poor animal felt the wrath for its actions shortly after the camera stopped rolling and they penned it in.

I hate this planet.