Guy Gets Gaelic Tattoo, Doesn’t Translate To What He Hoped At All


Rule number one of getting a tattoo: make sure you’re happy with the idea of it being permanently engraved on your skin. Rule number two: make sure you know what it fucking means. 

Unfortunately, this poor social media user didn’t know what rule number two was and majorly fucked up.

The unidentifiable tattoo connoisseur had almost the entire of his back inked into a celtic cross with gaelic writing above and beneath it, reports the Mirror.

Now what he thought the writing said was: ‘you will forever be in my heart’. Unfortunately, that’s not what it said.


The bloke posted onto Facebook, writing:

My new unfinished piece of back art, it says in gaelic ‘you will forever be in my heart’.

Before long and the post was going viral as many pointed out that the writing didn’t quite say the sentimental line he had opted for but rather ‘can I please go to the toilet’.

‘Can I please go to the toilet’ forever, eternally, etched onto his being. Poor bastard.

As of yet it isn’t known whether it was a mistake on his behalf, i.e handing the tattoo artist a dodgy image, or whether it was a cruel and heartless prank by the artist.

I wonder what the poor fella will do…