Guy Gets Kicked Off Plane For Speaking Arabic To His Mum


Internet comedian Adam Saleh was kicked off a Delta airlines flight for speaking Arabic on the phone to his mum.

The completely deplorable behaviour from the airline was questioned by a number of passengers and condemned widely by Twitter users.

Shockingly, there were a number of passengers on the flight, who Adam branded ‘racist’, who simply waved goodbye to him.


In the video, Adam says:

Guys we spoke a different language on the plane and now we are getting kicked out. Now we are getting kicked out. We are getting kicked out because we spoke a different language. This is 2016… 2016!

He explains, whilst being escorted off the plane, that other passengers reported ‘feeling uncomfortable’ after hearing him speak Arabic.

Another passenger gets involved, asking the flight staff ‘why are you guys doing that, that is so upsetting’.

The clip has since been retweeted over 113k times and has over 82k likes in just a few hours at the time of writing.

Delta are yet to respond to the despicable behaviour of their airline.