Guy Gets Phone Stolen, Robber Uploads Bizarre Pics And Sh*t Escalates Quickly


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It’s fair to say losing your phone is right up there with probably one of the worst things you can experience in this day and age.

You’re out of pocket and most importantly you will struggle to get hold of anyone. Disaster.

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But inevitably this stuff happens, you just can’t help it really. However, I doubt you’d ever expect some randomer to steal your phone and then send selfies to your iCloud of her holding a dead, raw chicken, strapped to a dildo.

Yeah, that actually happened to someone, seriously:

There are literally no words, but I bet you’re feeling quite sorry from him right now, but you really shouldn’t.

That’s because a further tweet just proved he was full on racist:

Not saying he deserved it, but it’s definitely not okay to say that sort of shit. Period.