Guy Gets Savage Revenge On Date Who Rejected Him Because Of His Height


Two guys took brutal revenge on a girl because she rejected one of them for being too short but did they take things too far?

The video from the relationship vigilante YouTube channel ‘Revenge‘, shows a young man explaining his situation to another bloke who matched with the anonymous woman.

According to him the girl, who he met on the Jewish dating app J-Swipe, was initially quite chatty but things turned cool after he told her he was 5’9 – 5’10 tall.

The two, deciding that this is some kind of crime worthy of pubic shaming, then took gleeful delight in humiliating the woman by luring her out on a date under false pretences and calling her a ‘midget troll’.

Refusing to put up with this bullshit she storms off, clearly upset, and that’s when the young man she jilted confronts her about her superficial ways.

Yeah it’s every bit as pathetic as it sounds.

Don’t take my word for it though, judge for yourself here…

And while I can sympathise with the guy for feeling slighted after she stopped talking to him I can’t help but have reservations over this whole thing and that his revenge went way too far.

After all we only have his word for it that she stopped talking to him because of his height and she clearly has no clue who he is when he confronts her at the end.

Finally if a girl decides to stop talking to you then that’s her choice and putting together a public shaming prank video as revenge doesn’t come across as funny, just super creepy.