Guy Gets Savagely KO’d By His Girlfriend’s Brother Following Dispute


Famous last words – ‘What’s up then bro, I’m right here’. 

Well, you were right there, now you’re somewhere else. Fast asleep and snoring.

As a huge boxing fan, the art of a good knockout is no longer a shock to my eyes – however, this brutal attack is pretty wild. I’ve never seen someone hit the ground so hard that they immediately start snoring.

Although little is known about the background to this clip, it would appear that our shirtless KO victim has travelled to his girlfriends house because he wants to have a word with her.


The attacker is thought to be his girlfriend’s brother.

The victim repeats, ‘I just came here to explain my point bro’. But, unfortunately, we don’t have time to hear it, or anything else for that matter, as seconds later our man hits the ground snoring after receiving a one punch knuckle sandwich. Brutal.

It’s rumoured that the snoring sound comes from the tongue having fallen to the back of the throat, which is pretty horrific.

Wherever this guy is, we hope he’s recovering okay.