Guy Gets Stabbed In Stomach, Doesn’t Even Flinch Before Knocking Out Attacker

by : Julia Banim on : 12 Jul 2019 18:18
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Horrifying footage has emerged from Russia which shows a man knocking out his attacker after being stabbed in the stomach.

CCTV footage from a car park in the south-west Russian city of Orenburg shows the attacker holding a flick knife behind his back while talking to the man, concealing the weapon beneath his t-shirt. The conversation appears to be – at least from a distance – calm. But then all hell breaks loose.


He then pulls out the knife and stabs the victim in the stomach, catching the man unaware and causing him to stagger backwards, inspecting his bleeding stomach wound with shock. Meanwhile, a bystander pulls the knifeman away, giving the victim time to walk away.

The victim can then be seen walking away from the attacker, blood pooling steadily through his white top. As he holds his top up to reveal the stab wound, a concerned onlooker hurries over to him.

The attacker proceeds to pursue him through the car park, striding towards him purposefully before squaring up to him with the blade still brandished in his hand.


Bystanders can be seen walking towards the warring men, apparently trying to diffuse the situation. However, this time around the wounded man is ready to defend himself.

With one swift movement, he is able to throw a karate punch at the antagonist’s head, showing remarkable strength for someone who had just suffered a severe knife injury.

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The stabbing victim continues walking backwards, blood seeping through his shirt. Despite his gruesome – and no doubt agonising – injury, he was able to land another swing against the knife-man, leaving him spread-eagle on the ground.


The victim proceeds to kick the knifeman a couple of times while he is sprawled on the floor. One of the bystanders also joins in, banging the attacker’s head furiously against the ground, while he eventually appears to lose consciousness.

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At this point, the cluster of bystanders can be seen intervening and dragging the bloodied man away from the by-then unconscious assailant. The footage ends with the stabbing victim whipping off his top, presumably preparing to attend to his untreated stab wound.

The dramatic altercation reportedly took place on June, 29, 2019, with the footage quickly going viral in Russia. One person commented, ‘Only in Russia’, while another remarked how the stabbing victim had a ‘good right hand’.


The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs have stated they have no record of the incident.

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