Guy Gets Ultimate Revenge On Thief


This burglar got more than he was hoping for this time round, as unbeknown to him, the house he’d selected had secret cameras, just waiting to catch him. 

In brilliant footage which lead to the criminal being caught red-handed, the thief can be seen casually making his way in broad daylight, wire cutters in hand towards the Dallas home.


The cameras caught him strolling through the garden, with his hood pulled down low, before ducking down and crawling towards the house.

The brazen burglar wasted no time in smashing through the door with a hammer and disabling the alarm.


As the robber was blissfully unaware of being watched, the home-owner notified the police once he realised that one of the cameras was strangely out-of-action.

Police sped straight off to the house, where they found the thief rummaging through the home-owner’s possessions, catching him right in the act in a moment of pure irony.


The home-owner said:

Dallas PD was called when I noticed my nest was disconnected, I saw a figure in blue in my backyard and dialled 911.

He had about 30 minutes to rummage through the house, dumping out every rubber maid tote of summer clothing and cleared out all closets.


The police burst in on the robber right in the middle of the act to which he called out, ‘oh s*** I didn’t do it.’

Busting in on someone whilst they’re in the middle of robbing you is definitely the sweetest revenge.


It doesn’t get any better than that.