Guy Gives Live TV Interview While Stuck In Tree During Flood

by : UNILAD on : 31 Oct 2015 16:57
YouTube/KVUE Austin

When heavy rain in Texas caused flooding, the local news channel were pretty keen to chat to somebody who’d been affected by the crazy weather.


Kerry Packer was that man.

After his car had been washed off the road, emergency operators told him to wind down the windows and wait for rescue. While he was waiting, he shot a terrifying video of water entering his car and sent it to his wife, who shared it with KVUE in Austin.

Eager to find out more, the news channel gave Packer a call to chat to him about his experience. However, they were pretty shocked when they found out where he was conducting the interview from!



The bizarre conversation went as follows:

Packer: It probably swept me about half a mile into the woods. The car was almost filled with water. I swept past a tree and I jumped out of the window and climbed up a tree. So I’m about 20 feet up a tree right now.

KVUE Austin: Wait, you’re still in the tree?

Packer: Yeah, I’m about 20 feet up a tree. I’m fine. Thankfully, there’s a nice tree here. It’s a little cold, but I did boy scouts for 20 years so I know how to keep my energy up and keep warm.

Thank goodness it was a nice tree! Anyway, Kerry proceeded to describe the terrifying scene unfolding around him, as the news anchors wished him all the best.

Thankfully, this absolute legend was eventually rescued after spending four hours up the tree.

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