Guy Goes F*cking Nuts At Starbucks Staff, Claims ‘Terrorists Are Winning’

by : UNILAD on : 11 Nov 2015 17:53
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In the U.S. right now there’s no issue quite as divisive as the so-called Starbucks red cup controversy.

After one self-righteous moron complained about the coffee chain’s festive cups not actually saying ‘Merry Christmas’ on them and deciding it meant this was an example of the war on Christians, the whole thing has really escalated out of control.


Enlightened characters like Donald Trump have already called for a boycott on Starbucks. A boycott. Over a cup.

Now, a new viral video shows just how furious some people in America really are about this apparently unacceptable change.

In mobile phone shot footage in one Starbucks outlet, this guy goes absolutely nuts when he takes a closer look at the red cup, calling it “fucking ridiculous”, before claiming it obviously means that “the terrorists are winning, everyone”.


That’s quite the leap to make, over a cup.

In the end, this crazy guy storms out of the cafe, ranting about the “war on Christmas” and how “someone believes in Christmas, still. Because I’m a Christian!”


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