Guy Has Amazing Doormat Battle With His Neighbour

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What do you do when your doormat repeatedly goes missing? Buy another one? Look around the estate for it? Or post pictures to Facebook?

This guy, Imgur user LogicalCore, chose the latter. But what began as a normal spot of suspected heavy wind, turned out to be something far more sinister and comical.

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It all started out pretty damn normal as this neighbour presumed a storm had simply blown his doormat away.


After nailing it down, confusion kicked in. How strong can wind be?


So he nailed it down using a power-drill…


But then things started to get heated…


Note the comment… That, right there, is the doormat thief.

When the victim finally got his doormat back, it was partially ripped so he dumped it.


But, of course, that wasn’t the end. Although things get a bit stalkery at this stage, with the doormat thief posting this picture to Facebook:


But, just as things seem to get as bizarre as humanly possible, a few months later the victim headed outside of his house and found this:


How weird!

Although this whole thing is pretty hilarious, we wouldn’t recommend stealing your neighbour’s doormat.

Getting an awkward knock on your front door from an angry neighbour or a warning from the police probably wouldn’t make for a hilarious viral post every time…