Guy Has Hilarious Reaction To Eating World’s Hottest Wings

by : UNILAD on : 06 Nov 2016 06:35

You might remember Bobby Lee from Harold & Kumar, Pineapple Express, and Sacha Baron Cohen’s, The Dictator – but watching him gobble down these hot wings is without doubt the performance of his lifetime. 

This short 18 minute clip is his magnum-opus, the work of art that will forever stain his mark on the universe, as Bobby makes his way from mildly spicy Sriracha smothered wings all the way to the burning picante teet of the scoville scale.

To be more specific, like Don Quixote, Bobby Lee makes the perilous trip from mildly spicy to Mega Death Sauce which is measured at 550,000 on the scoville scale, reports Elite Daily.


Things get so heated (sorry) that Bobby even tells his agent to ‘fuck off’ at one point, before he makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life, devouring a Mega Death doused chicken wing. Poor bastard.

The hot wing challenge was part of a bizarre interview with First We Feast, a YouTube show who like to interview celebrities whilst also burning their faces off and melting their tongues by forcing them to try a variety of different hot sauces smothered on chicken wings.

We won’t spoil it all for you but let’s just say shit gets messy, literally.


Enjoy the video, but be warned this is definitely not for the faint hearted…

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