Guy Has Incredible Road Rage Reaction To Getting Caught In Hurricane


Bizarre footage has emerged showing a man throwing an expletive-laden tantrum at other cars – while heading straight into a tornado.

Dashcam video captured Anthony Ciarrocchi speeding toward an approaching tornado, but appearing too busy shouting at other drivers to notice.

The angry driver is seen hammering down a Pompano Beach road in Florida, weaving in and out of cars, when a black funnel cloud appears in the dark sky.

He later uploaded the video to Facebook writing that he could not see the tornado because of the rain.


As heavy rain begins to pelt the windscreen and large, black clouds gather overhead Mr Ciarrocchi can be heard to say: “Who turned out the lights? What the fuck. It’s Armageddon.”

As he drives closer to the destructive twister, visibility quickly drops and tree limbs are hurled into the path of moving vehicles. It is at this point that he seems to lose his temper.

As one driver slows down and try to merge into other lanes to avoid a tree branch he yells:

Fucking dumbarses. Get the fuck out of the fucking way, you fucking dumbarse.


Other YouTube users were scathing of Mr Ciarrocchi’s selfish and aggressive driving, however he responded to his critics saying:

Roads flood quickly and you have to keep your eyes on the road. Drivers suck in the rain and I do not care to sit in a tornado and watch it destroy stuff. I was driving and watching the road, not the sky.


The U.S National Weather Service have confirmed that two tornadoes touched down in South Florida at the time the video was filmed.

He seems like an angry man.