Guy Hits Girlfriend Where It Really Hurts After Catching Her Messaging His Mate


One allegedly cuckolded man has taken revenge on his girlfriend publicly, sharing a video of his vendetta to Facebook.

The unidentified be-capped smoker opted not to talk his grievances out with his partner, but instead to punish her in an impressive display of regression to playground tactics from a grown adult.

The man took to the bathroom to rant about her wrong-doing and to destroy the thing she holds most dear in the shower: Her make-up… Because a woman’s make-up is her source of self-worth and happiness, apparently.

You can watch the video below:

The man, hoping to appear hard, addressed the camera saying:

Alright guys, last night on some drunk hoe shit my girl thought it was a good idea to message one of my homies and see if they could link up and all that shit.

He ominously turns on the shower, presumably channelling The Godfather, adding: “I don’t know about you guys but to me that’s a serious offence.”


The man proceeds to embark on his vigilante justice mission against his girlfriend’s make-up, in the style of countless unoriginal and wasteful YouTubers before him.

I have a feeling this relationship of one-up-manship and distrust won’t last long.