Guy Interviews Cheating Girlfriend, Things Get Very Awkward


If you’ve ever been cheated on, chances are you’ve had a million heartbreaking questions you’ve wanted to ask your partner – but would you actually do it?

Garrett Garcia from Overboardhumor did, and it got pretty awkward.

Garrett and his girlfriend Ashley’s story goes way back in a series of YouTube videos, but in short, she cheated on him while battling with postpartum depression and now he’s forgiven her.

And naturally, the next step would be to interview her about her adultery and upload it to his 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube.


Accompanied with the video he wrote:

I have fully forgiven Ashley my girlfriend, and I would appreciate it if you guys could too. With the loss of her dad and post postpartum depression she made some mistakes and I think she deserves a second chance. It took a lot of bravery for her to come on here and I hope you guys can appreciate her for that. Thanks again for watching.

In short, she answers all sort of questions about the length of her lover’s penis and if she wore protection while cheating. She also goes on a bizarre rant about how biting her boyfriend after he took her phone landed her in jail.

Most amazing person I know @ashleydougan ?

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Surprisingly, Garrett seems pretty cool about the whole thing and reveals he’s doing the interview because he’s moved on from it and can now see it from an outside perspective.

Why he’s making a very personal video about it though remains unanswered.