Guy Loses Eight Stone After Bullies Forced Him To Lose Weight

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An overweight man who was bullied so hard he tried to take his own life twice has lost so much weight he’s now regularly mistaken for Olly Murs.

Obese Craig Cooper went on a strict calorie controlled diet after he couldn’t fit into a pair of 48in waist trousers at Tesco.

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The estate agent from Southampton said people used to taunt him in the street, but now he’s inundated with attention from girls who think he looks like X Factor host Olly Murs.

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Even some of the girls who bullied him at school have been trying it on, although he says he’s going to wait for someone who deserves him.

He said:

They came up to me and said, “Ooh, you look really good now”. I just said, “go away”. I can’t stand bullies.

He weighed 19st 7lb at his peak, but despite slimming down to 11st 8lb he still has body image issues, saying he still sees a fat person when he looks in the mirror.