Guy Loses It In Mosh Pit And Starts Savagely Beating Everyone


Mosh pits are one of the few places where you can legitimately beat the crap out of someone but this guy is taking it too far…

To be fair, calling it a mosh pit might be a bit strong – it seems like it’s actually just a bunch of people sort of dancing in a village hall or something.

But either way, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves until one dude gets a bit over excited and then delivers a pretty devastating roundhouse kick right to a girl’s face, which she actually takes incredibly well.

He then gives her a quick punch to the back of the head before laying into a couple more people for good measure.

It looks like the caption the video was posted with is probably about right:

Bruh hopped in the Mosh pit just to beat up white people. He probably don’t even like rock music ?


It does seem like he’s just there to inflict pain on anyone unfortunate enough to be near him.

Which unfortunately for him makes him an A-grade douchebag of the highest order, and probably also a prick.