Guy Makes Deadly Discovery In Forgotten Cold War Nuclear Bunker

Olav XO YouTube

Olav spends his days exploring all of the fascinating abandoned places Norway has to offer – but this time, Olav almost lost his life. 

Fortunately Olav lived to tell the tale – but his perilous trip, and the dozens of others like it, can be enjoyed by us in the comfort of our own homes as the urban explorer uploads his adventures to his YouTube channel, Olav XO.

On this particular trip, Olav filmed himself trekking through a collosal Cold War bunker built inside of a Norweigan mountain with fungus and mold littered across its old walls.

Check it out below:

The bunker is haunting to say the least, a forsaken and soulless labyrinth of tunnels and wide rooms with nothing but a trail of murky water on the floor.

In the caverns of the deserted bunker, the only light to be seen comes directly from Olav’s torch.

Olav XO YouTube

However – despite there being a definite scare factor in the video, it’s hard to see how fatal the trip could have actually been but Olav literally walks along a fine line with fatality throughout the entire clip.

How? Fungus. White, killer fungus.

A caption reads:

That’s the kind of fungus you don’t want to breathe.

And at the end of the video we see that Olav was wearing a mask to avoid breathing in the toxic fumes.

You’re a braver man than me Olav.