Guy Makes NOPE AF Discovery In His Dinner, Asks Internet Should He Eat It


What this man found at the bottom of his canned food he’d planned on having for his dinner looks seriously revolting…

The stomach-turning clip shared on LiveLeak, starts off with the guy showing off his less-than-enticing tin of meat, before explaining he was repulsed by what he discovered inside.

The camera then scans over the ‘tasty’ looking chilli, which he’d poured into a dish and horrifyingly, focuses upon dubious looking white strands poking out of the meat.

The guy can be heard saying:

Can you guys tell me exactly what this is here – it looks like it’s some type of bug or parasite.

I tried looking it up on Google and it looks just like a tapeworm.

The vomit-inducing footage was posted online by a concerned man from California, who asked watchers whether they thought he should eat it regardless… As you do…

He captioned the video:

So I was going to eat some chilli along with my hot dogs until I discovered what was lying at the bottom of the can, it could be cheese – but would you risk it?

Repulsed viewers appeared to be totally repelled from the foul footage and responded with appropriate messages of advice.

One wrote:

Even if there were no parasites in it, I would not go near that mess – I wouldn’t even feed my dogs that ‘food.’

That watcher’s views are pretty clear and if I’m honest, I’m inclined to agree…

Another one contributed:

You’re better off pouring this directly in the toilet and moving on with your day – stop eating chilli from a can immediately.

Here’s the full appetising version:

Personally I don’t care what it is, I wouldn’t be going anywhere near it.

It sure doesn’t look like ‘cheese’ either, but hey, only one way to find out…