Guy Plays Cruelest Holiday Prank On Girlfriend


In his latest offering, infamous prankster Brad is menacing his girlfriend Jen all over again…

This time he leads Jen to believe that he’s taking her off for a holiday in the sun but, of course, that isn’t what happened, reports The Mirror.

The video starts with Jen having a bit of a whinge about her day, before being promised by Brad that he has bought her something that will ‘make her feel better’.

She thought she was going on holiday!

Posted by Brad Holmes on Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Brad hands her a package and inside it Jen finds a brand new bikini, sparking promises from her fella that he’ll whisk her away on holiday.

He says:

You’re going somewhere well hot and you’re gonna get a decent tan.

He then promises he’ll tell her where she’s going if she goes and tries on her present.

As you can imagine, Jen’s excitement is pretty short-lived when she returns only to discover that what Brad actually has is a sun bed


Clearly pissed off she shouts:

Where is that on holiday? Why have you got that and no fucking holiday? I don’t find this fucking funny Brad.

When Jen complains there’s no pool, Brad comes back with: “I’ll run the bath for you.” Which to be fair, is good banter.