Guy Pretended He Was Soldier With This Terrible Photoshopped Photo


A wannabe soldier has been exposed as a fake, after posting an awful faked photo online.

Dave Harper claimed he had won a top medal, but his story unravelled after real soldiers spotted the blatant errors in his shit Photoshop attempt on his Facebook page.

The image was actually nicked from a real heroic soldier who was given the third highest medal for gallantry.

Harper originally put the picture up, claiming he had won the Military Cross for serving in Northern Ireland.


But the picture actually showed an Afghanistan conflict medal, as Harper used a picture of Lance Corporal Alfie Pope of the Parachute Regiment. He received a medal from the Prince of Wales on February 9, 2012, at Buckingham Palace.

However, Harper pasted his face over the top and claimed the snap was taken back in October 1969.

In a Facebook post, he said:

Some old photo’s I found in old envelope. Most of my belongings where destroyed when my Aunts house was burned very badly. I had forgotten about them. Bloody horrible photo when I look at it, never used to wear my Beret like that normally, I look retarded.


Somehow the terrible edit fooled one of his mates, but it didn’t last long before the Walter Mitty Hunters Club – a group of ex-servicemen and women who expose anybody pretending to be former squaddies – found him out.

Members commented on his poor Photoshop skills. Steve Edward said: “How could anyone have been fooled by that ‘Photoshop’ effort? You can almost see the Sellotape.”


While Mitch Singleton added: “He is wearing an Afghan medal, whilst stating this is a very old photo after a Northern Ireland tour. What a dick.”

Since he was exposed on Wednesday, Harper has made his Facebook page private.


This is disgraceful, shame on him.