Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend On Jeremy Kyle, It’s Horrifically Awkward


Some say it has everything – real life drama, controversy, rage – but surely this has got to be the most cringeworthy moment that poisonous hypocrite Jeremy Kyle has ever thrown at us.

Jordan and Aimee were on the Jeremy Kyle Show because Aimee suspected him of cheating on her (see every episode ever made), reports the Evening Standard.

So the poor fella had agreed to air his dirty laundry in front of millions of people and undergo the standard Kyle practise of tactically demeaning people – a lie detector test.

Not put off by his girlfriend’s blatant lack of trust, Jordan informed the whole studio that – if he passed the lie detector – he would be proposing to Aimee on camera.

True to his word he passed the test, but before he had time to whip the ring out of his pocket and propose to his hapless missus she made a swift exit, legging it off stage.

However, things only proceeded to get more awkward as Jordan followed her backstage and proposed to her (with Graham breathing down her neck) as she held a card in front of her face.


She did grudgingly accept, saying ‘hurry up and get it over with’ and even managed to come out with one of the most insincere examples of the words ‘I love you’ ever heard.

Kyle described it as ‘the most unromantic thing ever’ and somehow I find myself agreeing with him – which is something I hoped and prayed would never happen.

Congratulations guys.