Guy Pulls Off Genius Prank On Neighbour’s WiFi Printer


If you own a wireless printer, you may want to set up a password if you haven’t already, otherwise you’re just asking for trouble – just ask Blake Messick.

Recently, Blake was attempting to print something off from his own printer at home when he noticed his neighbour had bought a new wireless one, and had forgotten to set the password on it – meaning anyone close by, including Blake, could use it.

Not wanting to waste an opportunity, he decided to have a little fun.

What’s scarier than technology becoming self aware and taking over the world? Absolutely nothing. And Blake’s neighbour knows that.

Allegedly sending the message to his neighbour through the wireless printer, it seems like Blake’s prank worked a little too well – the printer ended up on their front lawn, along with a bag of trash.

And Blake didn’t waste an opportunity there, either.

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And that, people, is how you bag yourself a new printer for free.

The original tweet from Blake was published on Friday, December 30. Since then, the prank has been liked and retweeted a combined 101,000 times.

It’s also gained Blake a fair few fans.

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It’s not clear whether the prank was a viral hoax or not, but either way, this guy’s a genius.