Guy Punches 78-Year-Old Fellow Shopper In Face Over Nutella Waffles


A man in Los Angeles was arrested for punching a fellow shopper in the face, after a row over Nutella waffles samples got out of hand.

Derrick Gharabighi, 24, pleaded no contest to elder abuse, and is facing two years in prison for punching a 78-year-old in the face last month at a Costco store in Burbank.

Daily Mail

The victim began to confront Gharabighi after he allegedly took all the free Nutella waffle samples for himself. After saying he shouldn’t be so greedy and to only take one, Gharabighi swiftly punched the man in the face.


The pensioner was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries, while Gharabighi is now awaiting trial.