Guy Punches Female Police Officer Before Being Taken Down


Footage of a police officer using her stun gun on a man who punched her in the face has emerged online.

The video shows a female police officer pointing her stun gun at a man in what’s reportedly a McDonald’s restaurant. The two argue for several minutes before the officer radios for backup and puts away her stun gun.

However  as she walks towards the man he sucker punches her in the side of the head forcing her to once again draw her weapon and stun him, forcing him to the ground.


As she stuns him she shouts: 

Turn around and put your hands behind your back! I’m not going to let up! Turn around and put your hands behind your back. You do not hit a cop, ever.

The man however refuses to turn round despite being stunned so the officer is forced to continue to stun him until he finally rolls over with his hands behind his back.

It’s currently unclear what the man did in the McDonald’s that resulted in the police being called.


The video quickly went viral however and people online have praised the police officer for how she handled the situation.

Ronald Dunn wrote “That was awesome, I had to watch it a few times I enjoyed it so much. Once he was down she should have kicked him in the Family Jewels for good measure” while Don Jennings said “Well done. Talk about restraint. Amazing how calm she remained.”

Not everyone agreed with the officer though, Joe Mayo wrote: “Though she was right to do what she did , he could have had a massive heart attack being teased that many times ….”