Guy Recaptured After Unbelievably Blagging His Way Out Of Jail

by : UNILAD on : 15 Apr 2016 12:45
tyrone1tyrone1Flint Police Department

A guy who escaped from prison – by pretending to be his cellmate has now been recaptured by police.


Dustin Thomas was captured after officers spotted him trying to visit a friend in Flint, Michigan, reports ABC12.

Thomas has originally been arrested and remanded without bail for probation violation relating to a 2014 breaking and entering case.


However, he ended up spending less than a week in jail after he impersonated his cellmate and was then granted bail.


According to Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell, Thomas allegedly threatened to kill the man’s family, forcing him to give up his ID bracelet and social security number before changing his hairstyle to look like his unfortunate cellmate.

When officers came to collect Thomas from the cell he claimed to be the other man – they believed him – and transported him to court.


Thomas then went up against the judge for the other guy’s hearing and, unbelievably, was granted bail.

Sadly for him, but probably just as well for everyone else, his new found freedom only lasted a couple of days.

He’s now been recaptured and has been charged with escaping from lawful custody – on top of the other charges he was already facing.

This wasn’t the only high profile ‘prison break’ this week. Just wow.

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