Guy Records Couple Arguing, Things Immediately Backfire


Never air your dirty washing in public goes the old saying, but this video proves you probably shouldn’t watch anyone hanging it on the line either.

Footage of a couple arguing at a bus stop has emerged online thanks to a cheeky chappie who stopped to record their raging row on his mobile.

Things backfired for the viral voyeur though when the woman noticed him and bonked him on the noggin with her walking stick.

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According to The Daily Mail the video was filmed on a road in Preston and was apparently recorded by a man believed to be Asher Valentine, 25, who realised that he had a viral sensation on his hands.

In the video the wailing couple shout and swear at each other while Asher films the developing squabble, pulling faces all the time and grinning like a loon.

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Eventually though the woman notices Asher and walks over shouting ‘Are you fucking recording it?’ before pulling out her walking stick and bringing it down hard on Mr Valentine’s head.

Despite being smacked on the top of his head Asher continues to record the woman before the video cuts off when she gets close enough to him.

We bet that taught him a lesson about being nosy…