Guy Recreated And Tested All The Home Alone Traps

by : Francesca Donovan on : 22 Dec 2016 16:45
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Kevin McAllister, the 8-year-old child abandoned by his family over the Christmas holidays, is every robber’s worst nightmare.

Kevin manages to hold down his luxurious family fort until his lax parents – both in terms of home security and the ability to count all of their children – save him from being Home Alone and under seige.

Not only that, but Kevin pulls off this feat with the flair and ingenuity of a kid who won every school science fair in his state, and went onto have a blistering career building the house robots for Robot Wars.


Essentially, the kid’s a genius. But you might’ve noticed Home Alone has recently come under fire from a few film critics who can’t suspend reality far enough to enjoy a light-hearted family festive film from the nineties.

Unfortunately, Kevin’s tricks and traps are not free from scrutiny and one YouTuber, Jake Roper who goes by Vsauce3 has put his tomfoolery to the test.

Roper has tested Kevin’s savage security measures using a ballistics dummy to see what damage his red hot door handle and paint can to the face would’ve really done to the burglars.


After calling on the facts of science, Roper found out that Kevin McAllister’s onslaught was not only unrealistic and near impossible, but also would’ve landed the young tyke in some sort of juvenile delinquent centre for murder.

So, Merry Christmas; have a ruined festive film.

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